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ABOUT ME: Sgt. Ervin Reuben Wakefield - I was born on January 21, 1890 to Reuben Edson and Adaline Miles Wakefield (Frost) in Hardwick, Vermont. I was the sixth of seven children. At the age of four, I was sent to live with my maternal aunt, Ida May and her husband Willis Parker. I joined the Vermont National Guard.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Letter to Uncle Will - February 11, 1918

Fort Slocum Gun Squad

Fort Slocum
Feb., 11, 1918

Dear Uncle Will:

Your letters came O.K. and I should of answered before but have been very busy.

I have been drawn into the gun squad and will probably will be held here for two or three months and perhaps I can get transfered into something that will be permant here.  I like it here very much but perhaps I will find it just as good somewhere else.
I went in to take out my insurance and they told me that I could not make it out to a Uncle or Aunt.  Now what do you think I had better do I will hold off for a while.
Where I am now I am able to get a pass most any time I want to and if there is any such thing as getting a five day pass I will be home next month.  I got paid last Monday but only for the month of Dec. witch was $13.00 and as there was quite a few things I needed am nearly broke or will be before next month so if you send me $5.00 sometime along it would help very much.
I am having my application for state pay filled out and you can get it and take care of it.
The weather is much better here than it has been for some time, the season is going fast and it seems like spring but I expect we will have some cold weather yet I have been over to New York twice since I wrote you last Sunday.   I went in to the Moving Pictures witch were fine. We had a very good time.
I will probably have more time to myself from now on and will write more often so will close for now. Hoping this finds you O.K. I remain
    With Love
There are two fellows here from Montpelier one of them is Charlie Tobias’ brother the fellow that used to work in Pines.

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