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ABOUT ME: Sgt. Ervin Reuben Wakefield - I was born on January 21, 1890 to Reuben Edson and Adaline Miles Wakefield (Frost) in Hardwick, Vermont. I was the sixth of seven children. At the age of four, I was sent to live with my maternal aunt, Ida May and her husband Willis Parker. I joined the Vermont National Guard.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Letter to Aunt Ida - March 16, 1918

Fort Slocum
Mar. 16th 1918

Dear Aunt Ida:

Your letter came Thursday night and as I didn’t leave time to get a letter back to Montpelier in time will send this in care of  Archie.
Now I won’t be able to get home this month but will surely come next month.  I am short of money and I want to put in for a transfer to a different branch of the regular army.
I am not going off the island this week as I go on Guard tomorrow morning at nine and won’t be though until Monday noon.
The last few days have been very cold but today it has begun to warm up and I hope it will be warmer tomorrow
There was about 1,000 men went out of here today and about as many same in it is {page missing?] service.  Another fellow and I are going into the tank service.  That will take us out of the Guard duty and we will allways have shelter and the chance of advancement is very good as it is a new branch of the service.
I could stay here all summer if I wanted to but you see they won’t be nearly all filled up in the 1st Vermont and the chances are they would ship me over in the fall in [page missing?] just the same every day.
All the boys have gone home on passes except two or three and they are taking charge of the barracks and having a fine time singing and dancing.
I will write you another letter soon  Let me know how long you intend to stay in Boston and perhaps I can come that way and to home with you.  Will send Uncle a line.
With Love,

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