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ABOUT ME: Sgt. Ervin Reuben Wakefield - I was born on January 21, 1890 to Reuben Edson and Adaline Miles Wakefield (Frost) in Hardwick, Vermont. I was the sixth of seven children. At the age of four, I was sent to live with my maternal aunt, Ida May and her husband Willis Parker. I joined the Vermont National Guard.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Letter to Aunt Ida - August 17, 1918

Soldiers’ Club
Spartanburg, S. C.
August 17, 1918

Dear Aunt Ida,

Your letter came some time ago but have been busy night and day for the last two weeks, drilling men and going to Gas. School at night.  Last night I didn’t get through until 11 o’clock. We went into the trenches and they kept sending attack after attack at us to get us used to the different kinds.
I am very sorry to say that I don’t think that I will be able to get home before I go across as they have stopped all furlough’s but I may be able to get one if we go north.  We have not got all our men yet but we expect to get them soon and the story now is that we will be out of here by the first of Oct. or possibly the 15th of Sept.  All of the boys are anxious to get out or this place.  There is also another story that we are going north to be a developing camp for recruits.
For the last month the weather has been something terrible.  It has been at least 100 in the shade every day but I don’t seem to mind it so much as some. In fact I never felt better in my life. I have lost some weight but I think that I am just right now.
Ida May expects to go home soon so you will probably see her.  I wish that I might come home at the same time but never mind I will consider myself lucky if I can go later.  I was 3rd in line to go when they stopped them.
I came downtown tonight but I do not very often as there is just as much going on at camp as there is in this place.  Tonight there seems to be more excitement than ever [page missing?]
the men that we got are the biggest bunch of “Black Heads” that I ever saw.   They don’t know enough to come in out of the rain but perhaps when we once get it into their heads it will be just as hard to get it out.
Tomorrow night is my turn to go on Guard and then I will get some time to myself and I can write a few letters.   I expect to have a couple of days off while I am doing my Guard that will keep me from that sun baked field.
I will keep you well posted on everything that takes place and write more often than I have been.
Will send last months State Pay Card it is rather late but I guess it will be good.

Hoping this finds you both O. K.
I remain With Love

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