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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Letter to Aunt Ida - May 2, 1919

Prov. Sup. Co. Sub Depot # 13
Cheateau Gontier Mayenne
May 2 1919

Dear Aunt Ida:

It has been some time since I have received a letter from you but suppose you are very busy now days moving, you must be home by this time and soon you will be going over to the lake for a vacation.  I wish that I was over there now and catching some of those trout up in the little brook, I think of the cottage many times and wonder how every thing is there.
I have no idea when I will get home but things will have to move soon and I hope that I will move toward home, this place is to be closed soon and I do not know what will become of us.  The chances are that we will start toward home some time in June or perhaps before.
Enclosed you will find some pictures that I had taken a few days ago I think that they are very good considering the subject that the “Frog” had to work on, I hope that you will like
At present we are having some fine weather, witch makes it very pleasent over here, this is a very beautiful country when the sun is out but terrible when it rains.
I received a letter from Uncle Will a few days ago and was surprised to find out that he was in Montpelier I also received a letter from one of the boys that used to work for me, with a lot of Montpelier news.  Very soon the Montpelier boys that were in the 26th division will be home, I saw them just before they left they were a happy bunch of boys.  I suppose that they will get a great reception in Boston.  I think they they deserve it.
Hoping that this letter finds you O. K. and that I hear from you soon, I remain
With love


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