Sgt. Ervin Reuben Wakefield

ABOUT ME: Sgt. Ervin Reuben Wakefield - I was born on January 21, 1890 to Reuben Edson and Adaline Miles Wakefield (Frost) in Hardwick, Vermont. I was the sixth of seven children. At the age of four, I was sent to live with my maternal aunt, Ida May and her husband Willis Parker. I joined the Vermont National Guard.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Draft Registration June 1917

June 26 First US troops (1st Division) arrive in France.

The New York Times article dated June 14, 1917: "AN 'AMERICANIZED FOREIGN LEGION'" is written by a man who visited Fort Slocum to say good-bye to a younger brother. He notes that a full 60 per cent of the volunteers being trained there were from various foreign countries - speaking in "foreign tongues".

Ervin's registration card reads as follows:

Form 1 3-306 REGISTRATION CARD 1138 479

1 Name in full: Ervin Reuben Wakefield Age: 27
2 Address: 66 Northfield St., Montpelier, Vt.
3 Date of birth: Jan. 21, 1890
4 Citizenship: Natural born
5 Where were you born? Hardwick, Vermont, USA
6 If not a citizen._________________________
7 Present occupation: Manager Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. St[ore]
8 By whom employed: Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.
9 Anyone depends on you for support? No
10 Married or single? Single Race: Caucasian
11 What military service have you had? Nation or State: No
12 Do you claim exemption from draft? ___________

I affirm that I have verified above answers and that they are true.

Signed: Ervin Reuben Wakefield

44 - 1 - 13 - A

1. Tall, medium, or short? Tall Slender, medium, or stout? Medium
2. Color of eyes? Brown Color of hair? Black Bald? No
3. Any disabilities? No

Signed by registrar [name unreadable]

City: Montpelier
State: Vermont Date: June 5, 1917

[Stamped at bottom:] Local Board, Washington County, Vt.,
[unreadable] Room 12

[Source: World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 (available through]

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